[PARPORT] Ezflyer 230 + Printer

Soulier, Frederic (Frederic.P.Soulier@British-Airways.com)
29 Mar 1999 08:27:42 Z

(Tim, I do not have your e-mail address at work to copy you in)

(1) options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7
Yes - I guess this is right (I got that info from W98). Anyway I tried without
that bit in the conf.modules and it did not change anything really...

(2) /etc/printcap exists and contains definition for my printer...

(3) Inserting parport_pc.o manually
#insmod parport_pc (before #insmod parport) gives:
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_probe_hook_Rec290545
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_parse_irqs_R3102da15
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_enumerate_R6dea43fd
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_proc_unregister_Rd12200857
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_register_port_R38c678ab
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_quiesce_Redaf060e
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_proc_register_Rc20e3e5a
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: unresolved symbol parport_unregister_port_R4e34b6da

#insmod parport_pc (after #insmod parport) still gives:
/lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/parport_pc.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

(4) #dmesg gives the following display at some point:
lp: driver loaded but no devices found
Well, /dev/lp0, /dev/lp1 & /dev/lp2 exist so it sounds like the module side is ok but
somehow it fails to detect the printer or something...

(5) I really thought kmod was loading/unloading automatically...
Also the idea is when you mount your Ezflyer, Kmod should know all the modules
it has to load in order to access the /dev/pda so there should not be any need
to insmod all these modules manually but I am digressing here...

I do not really know what to do now (although I am sure it is something silly that
affects the parallel port). The last solution would be to re-install RH5.2 from scratch
and make sure the printer is back in action and then starts from there again :-(

Thanks for your precious help... and time!

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