Re: [PARPORT] HP7100e-Cover for Harddisk?

Eloy A. Paris (
7 Apr 1999 03:21:40 GMT


Alexander Lipponer <> wrote:

> I' ve got a HP 7100e which is working fine with the parport stuff. No
> problems so far. Now the question:
> Is there a possiblity to use the cover together with an harddisk. What I
> think of is to expand the hard disk capacity of my notebook under linux
> via the parralal port using the cover of the burner and to use the
> burner as an internal one in another PC.

I have such a beast just in front of me. Here's the story:

I purchased the SureStore 7100e and my dream became true when Grant
helped me to setup eberything almost one year ago. I could burn CD's
just fine but only at 1x because the machine that I use to burn CD's
is too old and its parallel port doesn't support the mode required to
burn at 2x.

So, I took the CD-RW out of the external box and installed the unit as
an internal unit. This way I am able to burn CD's at 2x by using the
SCSI emulation feature of Linux (I am using 2.2.5 now, but I used all
kernels from 2.1.9x up to 2.1.132).

Later I tried to make use of that external case that had the epat
controller in it. I thought it would be great to be able to carry a
hard disk from home to the office so I put a hard disk inside the box,
and it worked without a glitch! It works through the pd driver.

I also was able to make it work under Windows 95 after I downloaded
the required drivers from Shuttle Tech.

Hope this helps.


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