[PARPORT] Need update: Paride on DEC Alpha

Jonathan Sturges (jonathan@sprintmail.com)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 08:16:42 -0400

I have a Multia 166Mhz. running RH5.1 w/ 2.0.36 kernel. I want to use
parallel port SyQuest drive on it. The SyQuest drive works wonderfully
RH5.1/Intel. However, I cannot make it work on the Alpha.

The problem seems to be on probing for the drive. At boot time,
seems to initialize fine. EPAT registers itself (it's the only protocol
compiled in), and 'pd' loads. However, 'pda' (pd auto-probe?) complains
that no valid drives are found.

I took a quick glance around the linux-parport archives and saw some
concern that the Multia's have funky parallel ports. I don't know if
is a current concern, or was an old problem.

Does anyone have paride working on RH5.x on the DEC Multia? If so, are
there any special patches or special parameters needed to make it work?
Also, does anyone know if paride works on SPARCs running RH5.x?
issue, I'm just curious.)


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