Re: [PARPORT] Please help cannot get this to work!
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 21:14:40 -0400 (EDT)

> I have a Sony Superstation

Please understand that you are probably the first person to try to
use pt with this particular device. That, combined with the
your apparently marginal parallel port makes it very difficult for
any of us to say anything helpful. We just don't know.

> and a Linux i486 machine. The parallel port
> in it is SPP so I thought that it was uncompatible. So I bought a cheap
> (free with rebate) parallel port. It support EPP/ECP and SPP. So when
> I use that it still won't work! Here is the output from 'insmod pt
> verbose=1' (the new parallel port is on 0x278)

"EPP/ECP" usually means "broken". Choose pure EPP if you can.

> pt0: epat: port 0x278, mode 0, ccr 0, test=(189,194,0)
> pt0: epat: port 0x278, mode 1, ccr 0, test=(196,199,0)
> pt0: epat: port 0x278, mode 2, ccr 0, test=(195,199,0)

These are identically the same results that you got on a different
machine (a laptop, perhaps ?) As I explained then, these numbers
are unusual and indicate that the driver is communicating with the
EPAT, but not with the tape drive.

I have an "OnStream" drive that exhibits similar symptoms. I've been
unable to make any progress with it, except to identify it as a "C7"
rev of the adapter - one I hadn't seen before. I'm guessing that
you also have a C7 - and that until we get some specs for it we're
stuck. (There do not appear to be any DOS drivers that can talk
to that adapter.)

I'm sorry that we can't be more helpful right now.

Grant R. Guenther

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