Re: [PARPORT] HP 7200e revisited
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:33:43 -0400 (EDT)

> I am having problems getting my HP 7200e
> to work. I first tried to set the parallel
> port to EPP. Unfortunately, my PC gives me
> two possibilities only: PS/2 and AT. I
> have tried both. With PS/2, after doing:
> insmod paride
> insmod epat
> insmod pg
> I find with dmesg
> pg0: epat 1.01, Shuttle EPAT chip c6 at 0x378, mode 2 (8-bit), delay 1
> pg0: HP CD-Writer+ 7200, slave

of the two, this is certainly the preferrable mode. If you are
intending to burn CDs, you will have to load pg with something like:

        insmod pg drive0=0x378,0,0,2,1,0

to force the port delay to 0.

> Then, when I do
> mount /dev/pcd0 mnt/cdrom/
> I get the error message
> mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/pcd0 as a block device
> (maybe `insmod driver'?)

That's because it is not a block device. If you want to _read_
a CD, use the pcd driver and mount /dev/pcd0. If you want to write to
the disk, you must use the "cdrecord" utility. There is currently
no Linux support for mounting CD-RW media as read/write filesystems.

Grant R. Guenther

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