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From: S.Ellerbrock@t-online.de (Stefan Ellerbrock)

> Hi !
> The Zip-drive used to work on kernel-2.0.34 and it requires the ppa.o
> driver. On this machine (dual boot) it works under Win95
> The scsi drivers you recommend loading work as I use scsi emulation in
> order to drive my ide cdrom which works fine.
> I have just run id_probe which only returns:
> Probing port 03bc
> Probing port 0278
> Probing port 0378
> and nothing else

"different machine" means different hardware. This may be one of
those strange parallel ports that we have seen before...

There is one particular parallel port that vanishes if the printer is
on/off/attached. I can not remember which combination worked/failed.

We came up with a solution using a slightly different probe method.
Could you try the probe with the ZIP drive
powered/unpowered/unplugged and see if that makes any difference.

David Campbell
"This is not an office, rather Hell with fluorescent lighting"

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