[PARPORT] Scanners using parallel ports

CP Hennessy (CP.Hennessy@alcatel.es)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:23:30 +0100

        There is a project which is starting to work on scanners attached to parallel
ports ( specialized for the Primax scanners now, but hopefully most of it can be
generalized with some help from your project ).

The current way to try to discover the protocol used between the windoze driver and
the parallel port is by disassembling the driver and watching the messages being sent.
I think (ignoring any legal issues) that is quite painful. What I think should be possible
is to use 1 PC running windoze which is attached by parallel port to another computer
where the messages on the parallel port are monitored and stored. Then this message
can be sent to the scanner so that the response can also be monitored and stored.

In this way it should be possible to analyse all messages ad responses without ever
needing to go into the driver.

What do you think ?

If it is possible, do you know of any tools which would make it even easier ?

And finally, for the longer term, I guess it would be a good thing if the scanner
and whatever other devices are also attached to the parallel port, could live happily
together. So I guess that it would be quite interesting for us to use parport.
It seems that parport is aimed mostly at printers, but do you know of others using
it for other types of devices ?

Thanks for your time,

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