[PARPORT] zip 100 meg made in Malaysia

Norman Bollinger ($MNTNEB@CATMUS.CAT.CC.MD.US)
Thu, 06 May 1999 21:27:26 EDT

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Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 19:42:25 EDT
From: Norman Bollinger <$MNTNEB@CATMUS.CAT.CC.MD.US>
To: <parport-list@torgue.net>
Subject: zip 100 meg made in Malaysia
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Does anyone have the z100p2 made in Malaysia working? I am using
imm0.22 on the philipines and it works fine. Norman

> I purchased a second parallel port zip drive for work and home.
> The first one works on dos/windows and linux
> and has the autodetect cable.
> The model is z100p2 and was made in the Philipines.
> BUT the second one only works on dos/windows - NOT linux
> but looks the same and the model is z100p2 but was made in Malasia.
> Any clues for me?
> Norman

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