[PARPORT] Sinple Programmed I/O

Edward L. Hepler (hepler@vlsi-concepts.com)
Sat, 8 May 1999 15:55:26 -0400

I am doing some sinple hardware design and would like to use a parallel
port (in EPP mode) to drive some simple tests, etc. from my Linux PC.

I'm looking for a simple driver that I can load which will give me
programmed I/O access to the port from my C program. Ideally, I would
be able to open it (reserve the port), then read/write the address and
data register from my program. The port would be released when closed
or the program terminates, much like any other file.

I have seen a listing of drivers for many parallel-port based devices at
http://www.torque.net/linux-pp.html, but nothing simple like I need to
handle my hardware debugging...

Have I missed something?


Ed Hepler

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