[PARPORT] ADV: 8.9/7.9 cpm Long Distance & 800 Service-30 FREE minutes!!

Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:51:36


8.9/7.9 cpm (cents/minute) Interstate Long Distance
(Intrastate rates as low as 5.76cpm)
8.9 cpm Interstate 800 service (low $2.50/month service charge)
9.9 cpm Interstate 800 Service with NO monthly fee
14.9 cpm Interstate/Intrastate calling card
(Home or office - same rates and features)

-- 30 minutes of free long distance when you sign up
-- 30 minutes of free long distance when you refer others
-- refer just 3 others:
        your interstate rate drops to 7.9cpm permanently
        you earn credits on your phone bill for other's usage
-- no fees for this program - everyone is eligible

All products feature:
-- Flat rate 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
-- Billed in 6 sec intervals with an 18 sec minimum call length
-- NO sign up fees or minimum contract length
-- NO monthly service charges or minimum monthly usage

Easy sign up by just making a toll free call
Discount Intrastate calling covered - rate table supplied
800 service and calling card are each available standalone
Phone bills can be paid by check, auto-withdrawal or credit card
Optional accounting codes available for business use (no fee)
Direct 1+ dial service - no complicated codes needed
No up front payment - you get a monthly phone bill
Separate discount international calling program available

** Earn credits on your phone bill by signing up others
--- NO fee for referral program - you are automatically enrolled
--- Free long distance - share these great rates with others!
--- Businesses: FREE long distance-share this plan with employees

** Non-Profit Organizations: No cost fund raising referral

For complete information including instructions on how to sign up
by phone or internet, please send me an email at

     Very best regards,

     Cindy Garrett

This offer is only available in the United States
(not available in Alaska or Hawaii)


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