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Subject: [PARPORT] [HELP] Can't set EPP mode...

> Hi.....
> I am trying to use a HP 7200e CD writer on my linux box via its parallel
> port.
> My machine is a Compaq Deskpro 6300. Both of these have been updated
> with their latest respective firmware.
> According to the technical documentation for the system the 87309
> parallel port interface controller supports SPP, EPP and ECP modes.
> However, there does not appear to be any options in the BIOS setup
> program to enable EPP mode.....thru the BIOS setup I can only set the IO
> address, IRQ and
> DMA, and 3 port modes - standard, flexible and output-only.

Do you know what type of IO control chip you have in your machine? I
think Compaq would use a National Semiconductor PC87#### for which a
mode kludge program exists. Look for a 15mm x 25mm chip near the
parallel port/serial port connector.

David Campbell
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