Re: [PARPORT] DEC Alpha troubles again (2.2.5, SyQuest ezflyer)

Jonathan Sturges (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 22:24:32 -0400

Good news! I got my SyQuest drive working with the Intek21 card. It was
that I wasn't specifying the proper IO address and IRQ, because I forgot I
get that info from /proc.
Now the bad news. The Intek21 card seems to initialize
in SPP mode by default; so it is working for me, but I guess performance
be what it could.
What's bizarre is that the first time I tried it, parport reported
'SPP,PS/2', but after
unloading all modules and trying again, it only came up as straight SPP. No
to me, really, I'm just happy it works.
I suppose with some tweaking it probably won't take much to coax it into EPP

BTW, I'm still using the stock RH6.0 2.2.5 kernel.

Tim, /proc/pci info is below.... the port itself is on 0x9000... so 0x9800
is for control?


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> On Sun, 20 Jun 1999 wrote:
> > > BTW, I have the vendor ID and device codes for the Intek21 card, since
> > > Multia's firmware will give you these for every PCI device in the
> > > Would that be useful somehow?
> >
> > I'm sure Tim would like that data ...
> Yes please. The output of 'lspci' or 'cat /proc/pci' would be great too.

I don't seem to have 'lspci' on my system. 'cat /proc/pci' for the parallel
card is:

bash# cat /proc/pci
PCI devices found:
  Bus 0, device 12, function 0:
    Parallel controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device (rev 0).
      Vendor id=14db. Device id=2120.
      Medium devsel. Fast back-to-back capable. IRQ 15.
      I/O at 0x9000 [0x9001].
      I/O at 0x9800 [0x9801].

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