[PARPORT] Please test this patch and update your drivers

Tim Waugh (tim@cyberelk.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 22:34:28 +0100 (GMT)

Hi guys,


This is a patch that I'd like to send to Linus, aiming for inclusion in
2.3.10 or so.

It breaks things. This is the advance warning, so that people who 'own'
drivers that will break know what to do about it.

- it is no longer possible to directly fiddle with ECR, so don't.
  The port will be in PS/2 (bidirectional) mode if possible, or else
  it will be in SPP mode. For EPP/ECP you will need to use the block
  read/write functions.

- parport_{write,frob}_control is now supposed to only modify control
  lines; that means that if you are switching data directions, you need
  to put strategic 'port->ops->data_reverse/forward' calls in. For the
  time being, if parport_pc spots an xxx_control operation that would
  have changed the direction of the data lines, it will switch to reverse
  mode and spit out a warning. This means that things won't work. But
  we won't end up with the data lines being asserted at both ends. ;-)

- the port->modes bits have changed names and (for some) meanings.

See <URL:http://www.cyberelk.demon.co.uk/parport/parport-doc> for more

I think printing works, and I know that ppa.c compiles. imm.c doesn't,
and joy-db9.c compiles with a warning. I won't be able to look at these
myself for a few days owing to my day job.


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