[PARPORT] - trouble loading

Mon, 28 Jun 1999 07:08:15 -0400 (EDT)

Hello -

   I subscribed to this list to get PARPORT running on my Toshiba
   Laptop (RH6/Iomega Zip100/HPLJ4). I have the following error
   at boot-up -

      ppa_version 1.4.1
      ppa_parport (request module) <-- I have not run make module
      ppa_parport (low-level): root fs not mounted
      ppa_parport (probe): root fs not mounted
      ppa: parport reports no devices


Tim Weil
Silver Spring, Maryland

PS - I would like to compile code into kernel and not have to rely
     on (insmod driver) to load. Also, will /dev/sda4 be the compiled
     driver (as in earlier versions of ppa)?


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