Re: [PARPORT] linux zip drive and scsi card

Fri, 09 Jul 1999 10:57:49

>> I have a linux box and im trying to have working a parallel zip drive, i
>> have an AIC-7850 scsi card to control my adaptec cd burner, i follow all
>> the procedure to work with the zup drive but all the time is sending the
>> message "device or resource busy"
>> i used
>> insmod parport
>> insmod parport_pc
>> insmod ppa
>> and the answer all the time is "Device or Resource busy"
>> does anybody have resolved a problem like this?
>> Im sure my system can work with the zip drive, because without the scsi
>> card the zip answer without problems....

  # There may be a PCI IRQ problem. Go to "common problems" on this page

" My other PCI board always uses the same IRQ as an Adaptec 2940
The preferred solution is to put each device on its own IRQ line. But some
motherboard BIOSes, notably the Intel PR440FX, don't permit this. To use
both at the same time requires a slight modification of the 2940 driver:
remove the SA_INTERRUPT flag to the request_irq() call. This is required
whenever the 2940 driver must share an IRQ with any other device driver.

- if (request_irq(config->irq, aic7xxx_isr, SA_INTERRUPT | SA_SHIRQ,
+ if (request_irq(config->irq, aic7xxx_isr, SA_SHIRQ, "aic7xxx", NULL))"

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