[PARPORT] Linux 2.2.x (& higher) ZIP driver status...

David Campbell (campbell@gear.torque.net)
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 07:31:45 +0800

Appologies to those people who are currently having problems with the
ZIP driver and Linux 2.2.x or higher. I was out of the last office
and still trying to empty the email "in box" (29 emails dating back
to 17th June :-(. Over the weekend I have manage to identify the
following problems:

Problem: ppa/imm broke for some people at 2.02 -> 2.03
Cause: Change in the device connect sequence which results in EPP
          mode being used for device existence probe rather than
Priority: Immediate fix required

Problem: imm broke at Linux 2.3.10
Cause: Change in parport.h required for improved parport handling
Notes: Need to change ppa/imm port initialisation sequence, could
          be causing some problems
Priority: High

Problem: ppa/imm fail to work with some ASUS mainboards
Cause: unknown
Notes: Need to develop some method to allow automate driver testing
          for the different chipset modes (SPP, PS2, EPP, ECP,
          ECP+EPP) without the need of a reboot. Possibly a script
          using the "WinBond chipset mode kludge" routine.
Priority: Medium

Problem: imm driver must be first daisy chain device
Cause: does not support IEEE 1284.3 protocol properly
Notes: parport at Linux 2.3.10 now has a IEEE 1284.3 protocol core
          which simplifies device detection, device selection, etc...
Priority: Medium

Problem: ppa/imm not part of the parport-scsi suite
Cause: lack of time (my part)
Notes: ppa/imm are more "primative" than other parallel-scsi
          interfaces. Need to sort out other problems first.
Priority: Low

Finally wish list items:
        Chipset kludge routines (NatSemi, SMC, WinBond)

David Campbell
"This is not an office, rather Hell with fluorescent lighting"

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