Re: [PARPORT] "Device busy"

Brian T. Schellenberger (bts@babble.on.home)
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:59:35 -0400

To followup on my own post, I booted under (yuch!) Windows 95 and tried
creating a disk using the HP-supplied software. It complained about
"invalid operation" errors, although the disk appeared, in fact, to be

Maybe I just need to get it to work successfully once so I can find
out the proper parameters and then just force "pg" and "cdrecord"
to operate even though they get back bogus messages?

Brian T. Schellenberger wrote:

> I'm having troubles with device-busy messages . . .
> I use to use my sparq drive without difficulty, but lately I've been
> having
> trouble with "device busy" messages. Moreover, I just acquired an HP
> 7500 CD-Writer and I'm running into the same difficulty.


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