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J.P. Morgan, the world famous banker at the American
Bankers Convention in 1903 was asked what was the
secret of his success. He replied "Opportunity passed
me every single second of my life, but I was perceptive
enough to take advantage of these opportunities." The
time is always now!


Growth Stocks' July Stock Profile:

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Dermalay Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ OTCBB: DMLY)
Headquarters: Bakersfield, CA
Fiscal Year: June 31
52 Week Trading Range: $0.38 - $3.50
Shares Outstanding: 3.55 million

Every five years or so, a traditional medicine or
cosmetic treatment is "discovered" by the scientific
community and instantly becomes a best-seller in the
health products stores and drug stores across America.
Aloe Vera was probably the last traditional medicine
to achieve this level of success and now represents a
multi-billion dollar industry. According to Donna
Karanís chief chemist, Emu Oil will have a bigger
impact than Aloe Vera. Dermalay Industries is the
leading public company on the forefront of
distributing products based on Emu Oil. Emu oil has
been used for centuries by the Australian Aborigine
people, doctors and researchers have only recently
confirmed that emu oil possesses unique qualities that
are unmatched in modern skin creams and medicines.
Dermalay Industries has a compelling business plan to
deliver emu oil based health and skin care products,
starting with its proprietary product to reduce
inflammation in muscles and joints, Power-Heat (TM).
Many doctors, chiropractors, and trainers use Emu oil
as a "Power treatment" for arthritis, muscle soreness,
and tendentious. Professional sports' biggest advocate
of Emu oil is Doug Atkinson, a former head trainer with
the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks. "Eighty
percent of NBA teams are actually buying Emu oil," said
Atkinson. "It relieves pain, reduces swelling and
discoloration from injuries, and it also helps with
bruises." For open wounds, it reduces the healing time
and the scarring. Otho Davis, Head Trainer for
Philadelphia Eagles and five time "Professional Trainer
of the Year," started using emu oil in the training room
and refers to it as "magic oil."


Dermalay is a fast growing company, with a lean
management and overhead structure. From start-up in 1995,
the company projects 1999 revenues of 15 million using
out-sourced manufacturing and negotiated distribution
agreements. Dermalay has a significant window of
opportunity to become the dominant brand name in this
market niche of emu oil products. As one of the major
steps for achieving this brand identity, Dermalay is
actively negotiating with sports celebrities to endorse
its PowerHeat (TM) product and upcoming suntan lotion
product. An announcement is anticipated soon.

Dermalay's management team has been aggressively building
a distribution base since the company's launch. In the
short time since the company's launch, Dermalay products
are already in over 500 stores nationwide. These stores
represent the smaller independent drug store, select GNC
stores and health food stores. Active negotiations with
major chain stores are underway, and thousands more
outlets for the Dermalay products will be added as these
deals are consummated.

Dermalay products are already featured in the national
FeelGood mail order catalog, which has 500,000 subscribers
receiving a new catalog every other month. In the immediate
future, a direct response television campaign is due for a
launch in the next thirty to sixty days, beginning in select
Arizona, Florida and California markets before a nationwide
launch later in the year.

The company is currently in negotiations with Fisher T.V.,
a company that has exclusive rights to the shopping
channel in China. It is expected that Fisher T.V. will be
on the air within the next 12 months. Dermalay's exposure
through Fisher T.V. to have its products featured in China
will reach an estimated market potential of 300,000,000


Emu oil comes from the rendered fat of the emu, which is
filtered and treated to remove all proteins, bacterial, and
particulate matter. After this treatment the oil is odorless
and either a clear liquid or a cloudy cream depending on the
ambient temperature. For centuries, the indigenous people of
Australia, and subsequently the white settlers, have used
this oil for variety of skin conditions. It has been
frequently tested by government and private laboratories and
found to contain a number of fatty acids, ranging from
Palmitic to Eicosenoic that give it its unique qualities. It
contains no steroids or hormones and when suitably treated,
no bacteria.

Dr. George Hobday MD conducted the first recorded emu oil
trials in Australia. His clinical experiences observed that
its two major actions were anti-inflammatory and its ability
to penetrate the skin. He also concluded that it appeared to
provide protection. He identified the following applications
where emu oil was effective: Excema; Keloids; Burns; Joint
Pain, Growing Pains, Bruising, Muscle Pain, and Wounds.
Ongoing studies at Harner Burn Center at Lubbock Texas are
finding the healing process is accelerated.


This unique all-natural oil contains large amounts of
linolenic and oleic acids which are very powerful pain relief
and anti-inflammatory agents. In addition, studies conducted
by Dr. Paul Smith, professor of pathobiology at Auburn
University, concluded that emu oil can travel deeper into the
soft muscle tissue of the body, and at a rate more than twice
as fast as mineral oil which is the main ingredient in many
pain relief and skin care products.

Dr. Michael Holick, professor of medicine, physiology, and
dermatology at Boston University Medical Center has discovered
several positive effects of emu oil on the body. According to
Holick, emu oil produced a twenty percent increase in healthy
skin cell production and an eighty percent increase in hair
growth, which is promising news for people with wrinkles,
stretch marks, hair loss and skin disorders like Eczema and

Once again, visit
for full company details.

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This material is being provided by Growth-Stocks, an electronic
newsletter paid by the issuer for publishing the information
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paid a consideration of $15,000US and 15,000 free trading shares
of common stock of Dermalay Industries, Inc. to Growth-Stocks as
payment for the publication of the information contained in this
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23, 1999, which date is 15 days from the initial dissemination
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shares. Because Growth-Stocks is paid for its services, there is
an inherent conflict of interest in Growth-Stocks' statements
and opinions and such statements and opinions cannot be
considered independent. The information contained in this
publication is for informational purposes only, and not to be
construed as an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy
any security. Please be advised that Dermalay Industries, Inc.
is not offering securities for sale to persons in California or
Minnesota. Growth-Stocks makes no representation or warrant
relating to the validity of the facts presented nor does Growth-
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make an investment decision are presented above. All statements
of opinions are those of Growth-Stocks Growth-Stocks relies
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featured companies, as well as, in certain circumstances,
interviews conducted by Growth-Stocks of management of featured
companies. Investors should not rely solely on the information
contained in this publication. Rather, investors should use the
information contained in this publication as a starting point
for conducting additional research on the featured companies in
order to allow the investor to form his or her own opinion
regarding the featured companies. Factual statements contained
in this publication are made as of the date stated and they are
subject to change without notice. Growth-Stocks is not a
registered investment adviser, broker or a dealer. Investment in
the companies reviewed is speculative and extremely high-risk
and may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made
in Dermalay Industries, Inc. Projections of future financial
results are provided solely by Dermalay Industries, Inc. No
assurances are given that Dermalay Industries, Inc. will achieve
said projections. This publication contains forward-looking
statements that are subject to risk and uncertainties that could
cause results to differ materially from those set forth in the
forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements
represent the judgment of Dermalay Industries, Inc. as of the
date of this publication. The Company disclaims any intent or
obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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