Re: [PARPORT] "Device busy"

Brian T. Schellenberger (bts@babble.on.home)
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 23:01:21 -0400

Brian T. Schellenberger wrote:

>> > > pg: pg version 1.02s, major 97
>> >
>> > > pg0: epat: port 0x378, mode 0, ccr 0, test=(255,255,510)
>> > > pg0: epat: port 0x378, mode 1, ccr 40, test=(255,255,510)
>> >
>> > It appears that there might be an epat at 0x378, but it seems to be
>> >
>> > unhappy. My guess is that a previous failed operation has left the
>> >
>> > drive in a peculiar state.
>> The only prior thing I'd done with it was to try to insmod pg once
>> before and have it fail, but next time I will be sure to set verbose
>> to
>> 2 before I do anything else.
> Ok, I did this: Powered off (unplugged the CD-Writer) both devices and
> disconnected the cable to boot, and turned them back on (I happened to
> turn on tthe 7500 first and the computer, if that makes any
> difference.)
> Tried insmod with verbose=2 first thing. Still get exactly those
> messages.
> Hmmm . . . maybe I should try it in single-user mode just in case a
> started script is doing something . . . but I doubt it. I verified
> that lp
> was not loaded and the lp queue was empty, and no printer was
> attached.

Ok, I tried it in single-user mode. Same results. Again, the
BIOS setup
program claims that it's in SPP/EPP mode.

>> > I also notice that your parallel port is set to either SPP or ECP
>> > mode.
>> > Try setting it to EPP mode if you can. It is also possible that
>> > the
>> > port itself is in an odd state. You may need to power cycle the
>> > computer
> I forgot to ask . . . what tells you that it's in SPP/ECP mode?

Any more ideas? Any way to run diagnostics on the hardware itself?
Time to bring it in for warrenty work? I think I may have a hard time
convincing them that there's a problem based on the output from insmod.

Windows-based diagnostics I could run?

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

> Thanks again!

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