Re: [PARPORT] General questions re HP Colorado 14Gbe external tape drive

Cary O'Brien (cobrien@Radix.Net)
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 10:35:05 -0400 (EDT)

> I bit the bullet and bought an external HP Colorado 14GBe tape
> drive two days ago - my thanks to Grant Guenther for his advice
> and Cary O'Brien for his report to the list on the 14GBe that he
> purchased just recently.
> Running Linux 2.0.36 I followed the Parallel Port guide and
> got the tape drive working with no problems. However, I've got a
> few general questions which I hope people can help me with -
> or guide me in the right direction:
> o The pt module identifies the drive as:
> HP COLORADO 14GBe, master, blocksize 512, 6471 MB
> which surprises me, because I thought it was supposed to be a
> 7Gb drive. I'm slightly familiar with the salesmanship (i.e.
> 'lying') in the disk drive market, where disk drives are
> creatively sized with 'kilo' dropped down to a thousand rather
> than 1024, but I can't get '6471 Mb' anywhere close to '7 Mb'
> without some serious 'rounding up' of several hundred megabytes.
> Is this identification string correct or did a burglar come in
> and steal part of my tape drive?

I don't know.

> o I was (naively perhaps) surprised that I can't get the tape
> drive to consistently stream, even with a simple dd of /dev/zero.
> Cary, can you get yours to stream? Is it possible at all?

No, it doesn't stream for me under Linux. So backups are slow. It
will stream for longer intervals when connected to one of the Win95
machines using the supplied HP software. I don't know why. I'd
like to know too!



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