[PARPORT] problem with two printers

Martin Neuwirther (martin@neuwirther.com)
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 19:39:44 +0200

I have severe problems with the new parport versions (at least since
linux kernel 2.2.10) if I want to use
two parallel printers. I have also tried with the twm2-patches.

I have an Epson Stylus 3000 connected to 0x378/irq7
  and a LaserJet 2100 connected to 0x278/irq5
  an on-board parallel port (switched to 0x378/irq7) that supports the
newer standards
  and a second one (0x278/irq5) that supports only SPP.
Both ports are recognized by
"insmod parport_pc irq=7,5 io=0x378,0x278 dma=auto,none"
and also "insmod lp" does not report any errors.
But a "cat" to the second port (the SPP one) does not do anything. The
first port works fine.
The only trick that works for the second port is to use io=0x678 (!),
then the first one does not work (although /proc/ioports tells that
0x378-... and 0x778-... are associated to parport0).

If I do not use interrupts in parport_pc then a cat works with both
printers, but polling is VERY SLOW with large
graphic files on the Epson Stylus. Using int7 for /dev/lp0 and no int
for /dev/lp1 does not work either.

With 2.2.5 everthing worked fine.
I have also tried with 2.2.11 but - please tell me if this is true or
not - the parport code in the twm2-patch
seems to be newer than the one in 2.2.11. After all, it did not work
either. With 2.3.13 are some other problems, so ...

please help,

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