Re: [PARPORT] load order
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 10:05:13 -0400 (EDT)

I'm sure you are frustrated at the lack of substantive response to
your query - but it really is incoherent. I'll comment on what I can
understand from your question, but if you'd care to try again, I'm
sure you could get a better response.

> Can someone post the load order to get my sq2030 to work.

What is an "sq2030" ?

> I've rebuilt the 2.2.20 kernel with the patch etc...

What is "the patch" ? I'm guessing you really meant 2.2.10 - and that
you've patched it with the ppSCSI 0.91 patch.
> /dev/sg0-3 (a-d) are being used by 1 jaz, 1 hp 6020
> and 2 scsi harddrives as reported by sane's find-scanner.

devices attached. Is that right, or do you have all these things
attached to a parallel port adapter ?

Should I read between the lines that an sq2030 is a scanner ?

> Onscsi is in /proc/scsi/onscsi/1
> as port 0x378, mode 4, mode name epp-32

So this means that you have an OnSpec SCSI adapter on your parallel port
and it seems to pass the tests on loading. Did you review the dmesg output
to see whether all the devices you were expecting were detected on the
bus ?

> /proc/modules shows ppscsi using onscsi, paride using on26
> but sg is unused.

Why do you have on26 in your system ? Do you also have an OnSpec IDE
device on one of your parallel ports ? sg won't show up as being used
until you actually use it. If you were running scanimage, it would
show as used while the scan was in progress, for instance. Similarly,
sd would not show as used until you mount a disk.

> Whish there was some doc's on this.

Well, you've managed to hint at issues related to kernel numbering, module
loading, ppSCSI, PARIDE, SANE and the SCSI subsystem. All of these subjects
have documentation to varying degrees. The trouble is that we can't read
your mind.

Start by telling us about your setup and what you want to do. Perhaps we
can make some sense of this for you.

Grant R. Guenther

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