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Art Wildman (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 01:25:17 -0400

I am interested in this too, and have anxiously been awaiting a reply. Evidently
this list is more concerned about preventing spam. My delete key works just fine
;-) - lets get back to business guys, I've got a day job too.

I'm running RH 5.2 on a Dell LX486 laptop without a cdrom. I was able to install
5.2 thanks to the 5.2 image install disk Grant Guenther provided with paride
support and an external 32xBackpack I bought just for this purpose. I'm able to
mount the 6.0 install disks under 5.2 and paride with...

# bpck_pcd - installs paride kmodules and cdrom driver 8/99 AW
insmod paride
# install parport kernel modules
# paride: version 1.02 installed
insmod bpck
# install protocol
# paride: bpck registered as protocol 0
insmod pcd
# install ATAPI CDROM driver
# pcd: pcd version 1.05s, major 46, nice 0
# pcd0: bpck 1.02, backpack 18053069 unit 69 at 0x378, mode 1 (8-bit), delay 4
# pcd0: Master: CD-532E-B
# mpcd -mounts parport ide cdrom
mount /dev/pcd0 -t iso9660 /mnt/cdrom
ls -l /mnt/cdrom
exit 1

... this script works nicely, I can browse the RH6.0 CD all day, but without a
boot disk I'm stuck with 5.2. Unless someone knows how to envoke the install
routine directly from the cd?
What's involved in creating a RH6.0 install image disk with paride support? I'm
no programmer, but I'd like to help anyway I can.

   Art Wildman -    
"Share what you know. Learn what you dont."   - motto
Brun Nazzareno wrote:
> Hi is there anyone who can help me?
> I would like to install RH 6.0 from Backpack cdrom on the parallel port; i
> tried with the image of 5.2 but it doesn't work!!!;-(
> Help me please
> NENo

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