[PARPORT] Orb drive? (Also, $100 reward for parellel-port help)

Brian T. Schellenberger (bts@babble.on.home)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:25:52 -0400

Does anybody know whether the Orb drive follows a protocol that
is understood by one of the paride modules? Does anybody actually
have an Orb drive to see how it works in real life?

ALSO, still pending are my questions (from weeks ago) about:

a) How to actually write multi-session CDs with pg, and

b) What might be wrong with my parallel port, which is a

LPT= 0378, C0 00 FF 00 00
Chipset: SMC FDC37C665IR
Mode: EPP

Anybody familiar with these puppies? Can anybody get them to work
well with parport?

Actually, I've about decided to just give in and buy a new laptop
so I can get this to work, but I will pay $100 to anybody who can
provide with me with the information necessary to get this working
correctly under Linux with my current laptop. The only catch is that
I need a response within 22 hours or I'm going to go ahead and order
the new computer and it will become a moot point.

(I don't need the solution in hand within 22 hours, just enough of
a response to become convinced that there's hope. Should I get
multiple responses, which I'm scarcely expecting at this point,
the reward goes to the first respondent who can actually get this
to work.)

Brian T. Schellenberger, "Brian, the man from babble-on"

-=: It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing :=-

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