Re: [PARPORT] Red Hat Linux 6.0 parallel-port CD-ROM boot images

Art Wildman (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 00:22:43 -0400

Bill, I'm having trouble getting the boot.img to work. At home I have to use W98
on my one way cable modem for internet access (anxiously awaiting broadband so I
can hook up linux), downloading linux packages via http-netscape & windoze has
posed some problems for me in the past. Usually I can get around this by using a
real ftp client. However, I cannot connect to the ftp link below -is it correct?
I had to use the http link instead. I downloaded the boot.img 3 times, and was
able to rawrite image to several new floppies in drive A.
C:\Temp\rawrite -f boot.img -d A

- When I try to boot the PCD boot disk in my rh5.2 linux laptop I get a "Boot
Failed" message. Could there be a problem with this image? Has anyone else had
trouble rawriting and booting? As I said, it may be my client... would you
please upload it to another anon ftp site. Thanks, so much for your work on
this, I've been looking for a rh6 pcd boot disk since February.

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Bill Nottingham wrote: > > Installer boot images for Red Hat Linux 6.0 with parallel-port > CD-ROM support are available at: > > > > > Warning: due to lack of hardware, these have undergone minimal > testing, and should be considered alpha/beta-level, *UNSUPPORTED* > install images. > > To use, simply select 'Other CD-ROM' when prompted for the CD-ROM > type, and choose 'Parallel port CD-ROM'. > > Some notes: > - these boot images are for local (non-network) install only. > - Support for older proprietary CD-ROM drives (Mitsumi, Sony CDU-31A, > etc.) is not included, as if it's needed. ;) > - Support for installing *to* paride media, (using the pd or pf modules) > is *NOT* included. > > Please direct all questions about these images to >, or me personally ( > > Bill > > -- To unsubscribe, send mail to: -- > -- with the single word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message. --

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