[PARPORT] rhs-printfilters

aoc2 (aoc2@geocities.com)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 16:18:01 +0800 (GMT-8)

can anyone decipher what this means?

"unable to open command line file -dBitsPerPixel=stcany.upp"

am i supposed to have a file called stcany.upp for my printer to

here's the entry for the epson printer in the printerdb file. i copied and
pasted it just in case it's of any relevance.

StartEntry: U_EpsonStylusColor
  GSDriver: uniprint
  Description: {Epson Stylus Color (UP)}
  About: { \
           Epson Stylus Color uniprint driver settings.\
  Resolution: {NA} {NA} {}
  BitsPerPixel: {stcany} {Stylus Color any type, 360x360DpI}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc} {Stylus Color I / PRO Series, 360x360DpI, Plain
  BitsPerPixel: {stc_h} {Stylus Color I / PRO Series, 720x720DpI,
Special Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc_l} {Stylus Color I / PRO Series, 360x360DpI,
  BitsPerPixel: {stc2} {Stylus Color II / IIs, 360x360DpI, Plain
  BitsPerPixel: {stc2_h} {Stylus Color II, 720x720DpI, Special Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc2s_h} {Stylus Color IIs, 720x720DpI, Special Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc500p} {Stylus Color 500, 360x360DpI, not Weaved,
Plain Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc500ph} {Stylus Color 500, 720x720DpI, not Weaved,
Plain Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc600ih} {Stylus Color 600, 1440x720DpI, Inkjet Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc600p} {Stylus Color 600, 720x720DpI, Plain Paper}
  BitsPerPixel: {stc600pl} {Stylus Color 600, 360x360DpI, Plain Paper}

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