[PARPORT] reading data from port fails

Clemens Kirchgatterer (clemens@root.at)
Sun, 05 Sep 1999 22:44:58 +0200


i've asked this question some time ago, but had to delay my lcd project,
so here it comes again ...

every time i read data from the parallel data lines i get the last
written value back. even the control port dos'nt care about my reading -
it allways shows me 0xc2 meaningless what i've written befor. so i can't
check, if setting of bit 5 ended successfully.
/proc/parport/0/hardware shows:

base: 0x378
irq: none
dma: none

my bios lacks the option of PS2 only SPP, ECP, EPP ... is supported.
is this the reason why reading fails? or do i have a broken parallel

does anyone here know a workaround or should i keep my eys open for a
external isa card with parallel port?

warm regards ...

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