RE: [PARPORT] Castlewood 2.2G Orb drive

Chang Liu (
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:40:47 -0700

Thanks for your help. I now see hopes. :)

I executed the following commands:
#insmod parport
#insmod paride
#insmod on26
#insmod pd

Castlewood drive was actually recognized as I can see in
printout from dmesg. I then ran the script "mkd" from copied

However, I can't mount the drive by "mount -t vfat /dev/pda
/mnt/orb". It reported "mount:wrong fs type, bad option, bad
superblock on /dev/pda, or too many mounted file systems). In
dmesg output, additional info said "VFS: Can't find a valid
MSDOS filesystem on dev 2d:00".

I've tried two Orb disks and verified that they both work under
Windows 95. Did I miss some other commands?

Thanks a lot,

Chang Liu

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> > I purchased a 2.2G Parallel Orb dirve from Castlewood
> > ( It worked fine but I had to
> reboot to Windows to
> > access it. Does anyone know of a Linux driver for
> this drive? Thanks.
> The drive is supported by the standard PARIDE
> drivers. Use pd and on26.
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> Grant R. Guenther
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