Malcolm Clark (clark@mclink.it)
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 16:43:11 +0200

Please help I am desperately trying (without luck) to install an EPAT
compatible cd rom parallel port mobile case with an ATAPI cd rom fitted in
it to my laptop computer.
The name on the box of the device is SI-390A but uses shuttle technology
drives for dos.
I first tried with the SUSE linux 6.1 installation disks and also with the
Red hat 6.0 installation disk with the epat drivers.
Then I installed SUSE linux, after having booted the computer with a dos
boot disk loading the epat dos drivers and successfully accessing the cd rom
via a dos partition and copying the files manually to the dos partition of
100 Mb and tried using the insmod commands:
#insmod parport
#insmod paride
#insmod epat
#insmod pcd
I also tried #insmod pg
The light comes on on the cd rom but I get the message "Device or resource

As you will understand I am a relative novice. Please let me know what else
I could try to alleviate this problem (I have already set the parallel port
to EPP mode in the bios).

If you need, the dos messages when loading the EPAT shuttle drivers are:
drives connected: HA #1 SCSI ID #0 LUN 0: OTI C1 STINGRAY 8222 IDE 1.03
Malcolm Lester Clark
Translations from Italian to English
Tel: +39 (0)80 5538187
e-mail: clark@mclink.it

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