[PARPORT] Mandrake Bug #53

SUSSMAN PAUL (niteshrink@home.com)
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 10:56:25 -0700

I'm installing Linux Mandrake 6.0 from a Backpack cdrom. The new
boot.img works for that, and thanks. However, I'm wrestling with
Mandrake bug #53; that is, this boot.img gets all the way through the
install, but fails to write the boot image to either a recovery floppy,
or to the boot sector of the hard drive. As a result, the installed
system fails to boot, and is useless. The cooker boot.img apparently
solves this problem, but doesn't recognize the cdrom drive. dang!

I see from the Mandrake bug pages that there is a way around the
problem; however, I am really a newbie to linus/unix-speak and can't do
it witnout more help.

Is there a boot.img that works for backpack cdroms and linux 6.0 and
writes a boot image for rebooting from the hard drive or a floppy?
Failing that, is there a way you can walk me through the solution
mentioned at linux-mandrake.com/bugs/db/53/53.html?



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