[PARPORT] Hp T1000e not working..!

Cote, Stephane (stecote@mtq.gouv.qc.ca)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:53:36 -0400

Want to use a HP Colorad Backup T1000e, Can somenone help me out with
this... I have read the Paralelle device manuel but, nothing seem to work,
surely my fault... Really need to use this device. Thank for any help..!

P.S i have compil the kernel with parport support, qic02 or zftape... I`m
able to install paride and epat...but..the archiver always tell me.. NO TAPE

Stéphane Côté, STMU
Service des enquêtes, 21e étage
Tél.: 643-6841 Fax: 646-4391

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