[PARPORT] Re: HP 7200

Mon, 11 Oct 1999 09:49:46 -0400 (EDT)

> I would like to access HP CDWRITER PLUS 7200 (multiread type) under
> Linux.
> It uses SCSI interface for parallel port. How can this be done under Linux?

Assuming that what you have is a HP 7200e - it is not actually a SCSI device,
but the Windows driver makes it look like one to the rest of that OS.

For Linux information, you should visit http://www.torque.net/parport/cdr.html

If you are running a 2.2 kernel, you should be able to do the following:

        insmod parport
        insmod parport_pc
        insmod paride
        insmod epat
        insmod pcd
        insmod pg

At this point, the drive should be accessible as an ordinary CD-ROM on
/dev/pcd0. If you want to write CDs on it, you must get 'cdrecord' and
build it with 'pg' support.

pcd does _not_ support writing to CD-RW media as if it were a normal
disk, nor does it read multi-session CDs at this time.

Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net

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