[PARPORT] Re: Red-Hat 6.1 Microsolutions BPCK Install hangs.

Bill Nottingham (notting@redhat.com)
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 12:16:31 -0500

(also sent to Wayne)

Wayne Miller (wmiller@hotmail.com) said:
> Any assistance on this would be great...
> Attempting install using the Paraport boot disk image for RH 6.1 and through
> the install process it initializes the parallel port cdrom, it spins up and
> even gives install splash that it has initialized the cdrom but never
> initiates the second phase install. It simply stalls out.. no error or such.
> I am able to install RH 6.0 without any problems. Is there any parameters I
> should use to pass instead of autoprobing or a work around available?

The 6.0 boot disk will not work with 6.1 - the guts of the
installer have changed too much. We're looking into a new
image; no timetable yet.


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