Re: [PARPORT] HP Colorado 5Gb Parallel external, How do I backup with it?
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 01:27:45 -0500

I would like to thank all of you that have responded so quickly to my message. Way to go! I am currently at work, so I will have to wait untill I go back to home, in order to try these answers...
However, it seems that I wasn't accurate enough in my first message.
I did manage to make the tape moving while using insmod and was also able to write to it, I just wasn't sure what is the correct way...
As for ftape, I did not manage to run any of its driver. Is there any reason why should I insist on runnig the ftape drvier rather than just use /dev/pt0 (which already works for me) ?
Also FYI, I visited the ftape home site, where they say that there is a bug with the parallel drvies (but the bug doesn't seem directly related to my problem).

Thank you all,
Asaf Gery

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