Re: [PARPORT] determining ZIP /dev

Darryl DeGraff (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:57:46 -0600

> Darryl DeGraff wrote:
>> Is there any way/location to determine, short of parsing dmesg, which
>> /dev/sd ppa installs the ZIP drive to.

Then Tim Waugh <twaugh @> wrote:
>Does /proc/scsi help you out?

No, unfortunately, it gives no indication of /dev/sd...

> But you also can't determine for sure that it will be on the fourth
> primary partition, short of trying it out.

And, actually, this is part of the problem: I have an ext2 file system on
disk with a single partition 1, not 4 as you suggest above (4 seems to
indicate a dos file system?) but did not know that and a program was
failing. I was hoping to be able to determine programmatically, without
parsing dmesg, which will be considerably more complex due to the
more general natrure of its content.

Thanks, nonetheless, for your help and confirmation of my suspicion.

darryl (li-cor)

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