[PARPORT] parport & vmware

Joost Roelandt (joey@netbeat.com)
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 17:46:08 +0100

Hello all,

I don't know if this is a suitable place to post this, but nevertheless:

I've installed vmware on Linux,
I've installed Win98 on the virtual machine (vmware)
Now I'm trying to access the printer port in ESP mode
from Win98 being installed in vmware,
(actually I'm trying to communicate with Creative's NOMAD)

If I define the printer to be /dev/lp, the application can't set the
port in ESP mode (I guess)
(error message is: "Cannot support your PC")
and if I define the printer to be /dev/parport0, vmware won't start,
saying something like:

     Can't open /dev/parport0: Operation not supported by device
     Failed to initialise

though the modules are loaded:

     moose:~# lsmod
     Module Size Used by
     lp 4856 0 (autoclean)
     vmnet 8920 1
     vmmon 10036 0
     es1370 20400 3
     advansys 65656 0 (unused)
     parport_pc 5472 1
     parport 6468 1 [lp parport_pc]

I'm quite aware that I should probably discuss this with vmware,
but I wanted to give it a try over here aswell.

Have a nice day,

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J u s t a n o t h e r d a y

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