[PARPORT] ppscsi error ELF

marcel pol (mpol@gmx.net)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 19:32:57 -0000 (/etc/localtime


My name is Marcel Pol and I have a problem with using the ppscsi patch.
Applying of the patch and building the modules works out fine but when I want
to load the modules I get an error.
I can load the module scsi_mod and sg, and when I want to load ppscsi I get:
"error: not an ELF file".

I do not know what this error means, I'm too much newbie to know.
I hope somebody can help me out.

I use SuSE LiNUX 6.1 with kernel 2.2.7.
My scanner is a Microtek Pagewizard with a scsi adapter, it has the OnSpec
90c26 chip.
My /dev/scanner is linked to /dev/sg2. I tried it linked to /dev/sg0, but it
made no difference.
I also use a CD-ROM and a CD-burner ATAPI, which are recognized as /dev/sr0 and
/dev/sr1 with scsi-emulation. They are also recognized as /dev/sg0 and /dev/sg1.
This is when I run sgcheck.
When I load module scsi_mod, and then run sgcheck it finds no devices,
this is a bit strange to me.
To the scsi adapter is also a HP deskjet connected, this machine works fine.

Thanks in advance
Marcel Pol

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