[PARPORT] RH 6, Backpack CD, & problems with Bill Nottingham's Boot Disk.

Eric (lateknight@sprint.ca)
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 15:34:17 -0500

Hi. Im new to the list. I have an old Thinkpad 701C DX4 100 with 350 megs
hd and 16 meg ram. I have an old Backpack 164550 cd player. It has a 10 meg
MS-Dos partition. I'm trying to install Red Hat 6, but when I use Bill
Nottingham's boot disk I get:

loading initrd.img....
boot failed

When I boot with the boot disk that comes with Red Hat, I get as far as
picking my CD drive (backpack) and then it can't auto-detect it.
I tried pd.drive0=0x378,7 as an argument but it didn't work.

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