[PARPORT] SIIG parallel port

Richard Stover (richard@ucolick.org)
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:34:07 -0800

I'm beginning a project to develop a parallel port interface
to a series of large astronomical CCD cameras. I have a SIIG Inc.
PCI-bus high-speed dual ECP/EPP parallel port card. Before I
plunge into writing my own device driver (actually I've already
started to put together the skeleton of a driver) I'd like to find out
if anyone else is working on a driver for this card and would like
to share their experience.

I'm running RHL 2.2.12-32.


Richard Stover

Richard Stover                       email: richard@ucolick.org
Detector Development Laboratory      http://gardiner.ucolick.org/~ccdev
UCO/Lick Observatory                 Voice: 831-459-2139
Natural Sciences Bldg. 2, Room 160
University of California             FAX:   831-459-5244
Santa Cruz, CA 95064  USA            FAX:   831-426-3115 (Alternate)

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