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On 17-Dec-99 dkselich wrote:
> I have this PageWiz scanner from Microtek that works great under Win3.0
> - Win98. It is not a flat bed scanner. It is black and white only and
> real fast. I can scan one document right after the other. I would love
> to get this scanner to work under linux. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Dennis


I also own such a scanner, but with color. My question is the same, but I have
got part of the answer.

My scanner is attached to the printerport, I guess yours is too. The Microtek
'parallel port host adapter' or 'simple scsi adapter' are built with the OnSpe
c 90c26 chip. If it is connected with such an adapter then you should get the
ppscsi-patch from
With the documentation at that page and the kernel-HOWTO you can build these
modules. After loading of the modules the kernel should recognize the scanner.

If the scanner is attached in another way, there should be another way to get
the same result.

Well, that's the kernel, but now for the software.
There is a package SANE and you can get it at
This contains so-called backends, with another name drivers. You should use the
microtek2 backend. This doesnot support the Microtek Pagewizard. As far as I
know, I am the only one who has asked questions about a Microtek Pagewizard. You
should look at the archive of this month and last month to read the mails.

Marcel Pol

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