[PARPORT] how to get started?

John (jmcbride@networkone.net)
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 13:01:02 -0800


I have an "Antec Photochute" compact flash card reader that plugs into
the parallel port. From messages to the company, they are not interested
in supporting Linux drivers due to the cost to develop and what they see
as a low return on their investment.

My brother and I have such devices, and I am interested in learning how
you figure out what communication is happening to the parport under
WinDos. Do you actually wire up a "pass through" port monitor and grab
all the I/O on the windows box, or are there tools that let one monitor
the flow in and out of the box via software? I have some years of
experience in electronics and programming, and I was planning on wiring
up a pass-through monitor to capture the flow of data using a spare PC
(running Linux).

This one may be tricky, because the device must be there and ready at
boot up, it does not work if you turn it on after WinDos has started.
Any ideas on how to get started are appreciated.


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