[PARPORT] ZIP Drive - RedHat 6.1

Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:00:28 -0500

I am trying to get a parallel port ZIP drive to work on RedHat 6.1 and have had
absolutely no luck. I followed the HOWTO to the letter, but every time I try to
do insmod ppa or insmod imm, I get errors of undefined registers and so on. I
would have thought that the kernel installed during installation would
automatically support these devices. Here are my questions and any help would
be greatly appreciated!

1) What config files need to be modified in order to load the modules at boot
time for RedHat?
2) Is there an order of precedence for loading, other than the modules should
be loaded before lp?
3) Where can I get the absolute latest parport, ppa, and imm source code with
complete files?
4) Any suggestions on the register errors would also be appreciated.

Joe Noonan
(a clear newbie!)

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