Re: [PARPORT] Jaz 2GB freezes machine on modprobe ppa

Tim Waugh (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 10:03:20 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Serge Pineault wrote:

> I have made progress on the Jaz/ppa/Mandrake-6.1 front. Firstly,
> following a suggestion by Tim Waugh, I added the line "alias
> block-major 8 sd_mod" in my conf.modules file [NOTE: I since
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ should be block-major-8

> discovered that SCSI disk support is actually built INTO the kernel
> and NOT as a module. Is this line actually used? Incidentally, thanks

It's only used if sd support is not in the kernel.

> Secondly, since the Jaz disk I was initially trying to mount contained
> backup data from my old Amiga system, I thought the problem might be
> related to the filesystem rather than something else.

Good thinking. It's actually more likely to be the partition table I
think, since ppa doesn't care about (or even look at) the filesystem.

> follow]. But I know I can read this disk on my RedHat 5.2 laptop
> [equivalent lines from the /var/log/messages also follow].

Aha. Perhaps you could send me the partition table to see if I can
reproduce it here. Just do:

# dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/part bs=1024 count=1024

and send me (not the list, just me) the resulting /tmp/part file.

> 1) Does ppa need to know what the filesystem type is on the disk that
> is about to be mounted and, if so, how do I pass it that information?

No, it doesn't.

> 2) Is the only Jaz disk partition acceptable to ppa the fourth
> one, sda4? My amiga partitions are sda1 and sda2.

No, it should cope with any valid partition table.

> Is it possible that somehow ppa needs some filesystem info and gets
> it from this "table". If so, is there a simple way to have the


> be "tried". There is no such /etc/filesystems on my system. Is
> there any point in creating it and, if so, what is its format?!!!

No (but it's format is the same as /proc/filesystems I imagine).


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