[PARPORT] "HELP!!!!!!"

Dave Smith (dpilot63@harborside.com)
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 14:14:51 -0800

I just purchased an 832c HP and for one reason or another I seem
to be doing everything wrong. I have 6.1 Redhat (Cartman) I
think. I am not a programmer so the where and how to put things in
any file are out of my reach. I hope there is someone who will be able
to tell me in detai.l how to go about this, or where the explicit
details are so I can find them. Everything that I have found on the
net, is in terms that I don't understand, (such as "run make" and
other things like that.) I'm so green I put the trees to shame. Hope
to hear from someone with the help.


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