Re: [PARPORT] EPP Problems?

Philip Blundell (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:01:35 +0000

>I'm not sure what to make of all this. Is ppdev what I should be
>using? It seems to be the neatest approach, but it might not work for
>this device. Do the above symptoms mean that the device is only
>partially IEEE1284-compliant?

That sounds about right.

>I did ask the manufacturer for more information on the interface, but
>all they said was
> "We are compliant with the timing and configuration of IEEE 1284.
> This document is available from IEEE as well as much data available
> on the internet. I/O's are simple Inp and Outp 'C' commands are
> all that are needed."

It wouldn't be the first time that someone has made mistakes in implementing
IEEE1284. I don't think a great deal of interoperability testing goes on with
the majority of these products, certainly not boards like yours that are
presumably intended for use in labs rather than by the public. (On the
other hand, it may well be that the Linux IEEE1284 code is not perfect

You could try asking Analog Devices for example source code to drive the
thing. They normally seem quite obliging in this respect, and it might
give some clues.


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