[PARPORT] 8ppm & gs (was: PARPORT] Prob: parport0: FIFO is stuck, timed out)

Brian T. Schellenberger (babbleon@bigfoot.com)
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 10:08:15 -0500

Well, this is pretty off-topic by now, but printing gs is slow because
it must render the entire page in graphics mode and that's slow to
download and slow to print. It probably is faster to use WinWord but
that doesn't mean it's a gs error; it's just that the definition of
PostScript is complex enough that the only way to render it correctly
is to render the entire thing graphically, so it has to download an
entire page image per page; for a mere 300dpi b&w printer, that's an
entire meg of raw data that must be downloaded and processed; at 600dpi
it's of course four times as much. This simply take time.

Real PostScript printers are much faster because they download the
(relatively small) PostScript specification of the page and convert to
an image within the printer.

As for the "8ppm", that's the print engine's ability to spit out pages.
The only way you will see that is if you print out something like
a^Lb^Lc^Ld^Le^Lf^Lg^L, or of you use the printer's hardware ability to
print multiple copies of the same page over and over. (In the latter
case, the first page will still take a long time but the subsequent
copies will some out every 7.5 seconds regular as clockwork.)

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Norbert Preining wrote:
| On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Tim Waugh wrote:
| > Can you try the printer out with another operating system that has drivers
| > for it and see if it's any quicker?
| I tried the printer with a gs(device=lj4dith and ljet4) created raw-file
| on linux and win98. Interesting fact: it takes about 1min for 2pages
| (around 4min for 8pages I have done) on both linux and win98.
| But the printer manual (I know, they are lying) says something around
| 8pages/minute, this would be a factor 4, IMHO a bit to much.
| > If we're using DMA and it's slow, there's not really much more we can do
| > to make it go faster. I suppose the printer just takes a while to process
| > the data.
| For me it looks like the data produced by gs is hard to print, dunno
| why.
| I will try a complex document from WinWord and will check how long
| it takes. If there is a big difference in printing time, I think
| than it is a gs-`error'. I will also print the complex document
| to a file and raw-print it from the linux side.
| You will hear from me.
| Best wishes and thanks for the help.
| Norbert Preining
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