[PARPORT] HELP!! my new box can't find it's lp ports.

Greg Mader (gmader@geoanalytics.com)
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:48:41 -0600

I just got a really sweet AMD Athlon box, with Red Hat 6.1 on it. It can't
find its parallel ports. I messed around with the IRQs, and I can always
see the port in the BIOS messages before LILO.
I tried adding a new parallel card, set the IRQ to a different address, and
Same thing, no lp ports in linux.

So here is the sequence.

2 parallel ports now, one integrated on the mobo, one on a separate card.
Integrated one on IRQ 5, separate one on IRQ 7.
Both are recognized by BIOS on boot ( I see it in the boot messages from
the BIOS).
Linux fires up, and neither are recognized or found.

Here is how I know that I cannot find them: I use the red hat print tool
in control-panel, and it cannot see them. I also have tried to pipe text
files directly to an lp, and I get the same problem. It comes up with a no
device message.



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