Re:[PARPORT]ParPort Cd-rom driver

Brian S. Boothman (
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 09:54:16 +0000

        [PARPORT] ParPort Cd-rom driver
I'm not certain about Caldera Linux but I know Slackware has a boot

It is pportide.i
  If that doesn't work you could try looking for bpcd.i this is the
for older versions of the backpack
There were several versions of the backpack drive. the newer ones are
supported by the "paride.o" module and the older ones by "bpcd.o".

 Red hat can also use the later version of this drive. the boot disk
is available at.

If you can manage to install linux ,the proper way to mount this drive
insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pcd
mount /dev/pcd0 /cdrom

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