[PARPORT] ECR setting problem revisited.

Eugene Weiss (eweiss@sas.upenn.edu)
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 22:00:30 -0500

I finally found the problem with being unable to change the modes of an ECP
port by writing to port + 0x402: If I do so after a reboot it works, but if I
have printed anything, the ECR register seems to be locked into SPP mode. I
shut down lpd, and rmmod'ed lp, but neither fixes the problem. Only rebooting
seems to work. Several other people have written to me describing similar
behavior on their systems. Any ideas on what I can do about this?

I'm running kernel 2.2.14 on an ASUS pentium motherboard, the port controller
is a Winbond W83877F. Parport is compiled into the kernel, but lp is a module.

-Eugene Weiss

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