[PARPORT] HP Colorado 5GB Ext tape with RedHat 6.0

Morris Siegel (mmsiegel@eachanii.dorsai.org)
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:17:12 -0500 (EST)

I have used my HP Colorado 5GB parallel-port tape drive under
Red Hat 6.0, but still have some problems and questions.

I loaded the modules as follows:

insmod parport
insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pt verbose=1

/dev/pt[0123] already existed; I had to manually do
(cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV -v pt) to create /dev/npt[0123],
the non-rewinding equivalents.

(1) The commands "mt -f /dev/pt0 eod" elicits the error message
"/dev/pt0: Invalid argument", and similarly for /dev/npt0.
Is there some way to persuade mt to recognize /dev/{,n}pt0?
Is there any other command to allow writing a file to the
end-of-tape-data instead of to the beginning-of-tape?

(2) I have seen some references to setting the port delay
to 0 to speed up the drive. Is the proper way to do this

insmod pt verbose=1 drive0=0,,,,,0

or is there some other way? (I tried this latter invocation of
insmod, and the tape drive worked, but I'm not sure it ran faster
than when I did the initial insmod.)

Thanks for any replies.

-- mmsiegel@dorsai.org

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